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Sevletunet is located 90 km north of Kongsberg, 190 km from Oslo and 70 km south of Geilo. our farm is a popular stop for tourists from all over, on their way over to bergen from oslo. 


From OslO

Take E18, then E134, then road no 40 from Kongsberg. AFter a beautiful and scenic drive between mighty mountains, you will follow the deep fjord on your left hand side all the way to the end of it. There will be a small wood area on both sides of the road, before sevletunet suddenly can be seen on the right hand side. Take the first road to the right after the woods. 

From Geilo

Take road no. 40, through Rødberg, then 4,5 km south. 
After a whilte church – after a bridge wth sign Vrenne/Gvammen/Fjordgløtt you
Continue down the no 40 road approx. 500 m, then to the left.


60° 14.469' N
009 ° 00.557' E