/// T H I S     P A G E      I S     U N D E R      C O N S T R U C T I O N  /// 









We will enjoy telling you the exiting story about "Sevleguten" ("the Sevle boy") and the farm.












Suitable for kids in all ages and ball play. Sitting groups for all of our guests. Maybe you will meet some new friends. 


Small house with sauna, heated by wood. Exotic! 


Small house with open fire place in the middle- sitting on reindeer skins - place for 15+. Also to be used as a barbeque house.  Good atmosphere!



The farm is situated along the river and the fiord and offer good opportunities for fishing. Wintertime we can offer ice fishing. We also dispose several lakes in the mountain area where you also may go fishing.

 Fishing free of charge in the pond. Quite the size on some of the catches. 



Great fishing. Boat for rental. The fishing licence you can buy at the farm.



Great swimming possibilites in the fjord and the river. Clear, fresh water. A sauna afterwards is perfect. 

By the pond there is a small house with roof and two walls, a sitting group and open fire place. 

Outdoor bathing tub - the water is pumped up from the pond and heated by wood.





Numedalsruta is a 280 km long route with large, beautiful and exciting contrasts – 1000 m difference in altitude. Sevletunet is a “cyclist welcome-accommodation”. From the route, going from Geilo to Larvik, you can pick one of the nicest legs, the beautiful small valley Smådøldalen starting out from the mountain area Dagalifjellet, and end up at Sevletunet. Smådøldalen is a valley in beautiful and peaceful mountain terrain – the only to be seen being mountains and old mountain farms.

A couple of years ago this leg was elected as Norway’s best cycling route.

What to do to arrive there? 
Stay at Sevletunet – take the bus next morning just outside the door, with your bicycle, leave the bus at Ånevatn – start out on the route here and end up at Sevletunet. It is light and beautiful – a real nature experience!

If you are a group, you may order a warm outdoor bath tub, sauna and dinner at Sevletunet! Next morning after a nice nights sleep, you can continue down Numedal valley on your bicycle or just stay here and try one of our other nice experiences in Numedal!

* Bus times: From Kongsberg to Dagali/Geilo: 0700 o’clock (at Sevletunet approx. 0850) - , 1410 (at Sevletunet 1600). Call 177 for more information.



From Veggli (approx. 28 km south of Sevletunet) you may cycle draisine at the closed railway track Numedalsbanen.
You will have fantastic nature experiences along the river Numedalslågen and along the two fiords Kravikfjorden and Norefjorden.

Do as many of our guests have done before you: Go draisine from Veggli to Kollandsrud/Gvammen, park your draisine here for the night – we will fetch your luggage – and you – if you do not want to walk the distance to Sevletunet.

If you are a group you may order dinner here in advance. Or you may buy with you some things to barbeque (advice you to shop at Norefjord).

At Kollandsrud you may visit the skilled silver smieth Gro Kollandsrud. If she is there, she will show you how she is working and you may buy the most beautiful things. 

Throughout the night you may sit outside around a fire and experience the beautiful star heaven of Numedal. The next morning after a nice breakfast we will drive you and your luggage back to the draisine again.

The trips takes around 2-3 hours.

Tel. 32747900. www.veggli-vertshus.no



Nearby Sevletunet there are interesting possibilities for walks in rather steep forest terrain. At the top you will arrive at a nice pond where it is possible to take a swim. 

This district is surrounded of beautiful mountains, wilderness and high-mountain plateaus with untouched and varied nature – Hardangervidda and other mountain areas.

We have a mountain area ourselves with several fishing lakes which we gladly invite you to both for hiking, fishing and cycling.


Round trips

From Sevletunet you may take many round trips. Here are some suggestions:

1. Beautiful nature, crossing two mountain areas and visiting an authentic mountain farm – all in a few hours…. Sevletunet – Veggli – Vegglifjell – Austbygd where you visit an authentic mountain farm www.seterliv.no , taste their products and then take the roundtrip up Tessungdalen and to Imingfjell. At Imingfjell Turistheim, a rustic, charming inn surrounded by beautiful mountain landscape you can enjoy the most delicious meal. This is the entrance to Hardangervidda mountain plateau.If you want to make it a longer trip you can continue from Austbygd to Rjukan to visit the famous Vemork museum. Norway's highest zip-line opens this summer in Rjukan!

2. Visiting two animal parks in two days! Langedrag Nature park with wolves, lynxes, Elch/mouse, reindeer, riding on horses etc. Surrounded by an absolutely amazing scenery of mountains and lakes, and this family farm’s heartfelt philosophy about learning from the nature, this s a must! 30 minutes car drive from here. You need at least 4 hours there and you should be there at 14 when they feed and communicate with the wild animals. The next day you go the same way to come to Flå, by going to Nesbyen first. In Flå you find the bear park Bjørneparken and can study bears at close distance. On your way back you can choose another route and cross another mountain area: Bromma – Haglebu/Eggedal – Sloko – Sevletunet. See www.langedrag.no and www.bjorneparken.no

3. Visiting the glaciers The nearest one, Hardangerjøkulen, is 2 hours and 14 minutes car drive from here.  Folgefonna, 3 hours and 45 minutes car drive from here. Then it is Briksdalsbreen, 5 hours and 30 minutes car drive.  Jostedalsbreen is also 5 hours and 30 minutes from here.

4. Visiting the famous Flåmsbanen: It is possible to drive back and forth and take the Flåmsbanen in one day, some of our guests have done it and recommend it! You drive to Geilo, take the Bergen-train to Myrdal. Then you take the famious Flåmsbanen from Myrdal to Flåm (famous train 1:18) with stops to take photoes etc. coming down to the Aurlandfiord. The schedule is like this: Start from here around 0830-9, train from Geilo (1 hours car drive from here) at 1013, in Myrdal 1137.  The Flåm train from Myrdal at 1211, in Flåm 1305. From Flåm 1605 - in Geilo 1857.  Back at Sevletunet around 20.00. Prices: Flåmsbanen 360,- per person, the train from Geilo NOK 179,- each way.


ACTIVITIES IN Historic Numedal – the Medieval ValleY 


Numedal is the quiet route linking the rolling countryside and busy towns of southern Norway to the wide open mountain plateau of Hardangervidda with its views of the Hardangerjøkulen ice cap. From here it is on to the deep fjords of western Norway.  Numedal stretches from Kongsberg in the south 160 km, 100 miles, north to Geilo on one of the main Oslo - Bergen routes that cross the country (Country road 40). (Probably the shortest, most beautiful and with less traffic).  

Kongsberg itself is only 80 km, 50 miles, from Oslo while Geilo is 100 km from Brimnes on the edge of Eidfjord which is 140 km from Bergen.  

Numedal has something for everyone.  It is known as “Middelalderdalen” (Middleage valley), because it has over 40 listed historic solid timber building from the Middle Ages as well as four original timber stave churches, see www.middelalderuka.no.  The stave churches, “stavkirker”, are off the present main road on the quieter old road.  They may look plain from the outside because they have lost their outer covered walkways, but inside all the surfaces are covered in painting of various ages and styles.  The development of these churches is as enigmatic as any parish church in Great Britain.  At Nore stace church, the original central 900 year old tree trunk still supports the roof and the tower.  At Uvdal and Rollag there are also collections of timber farm buildings, “bygdetun”, which demonstrate how people lived in those days when self-sufficiency was a necessity, not an option. See their page here. Brochures in English are handed out in the reception. 

At Sevletunet you can fully appreciate these buildings by staying in one, all modernised inside. 

For those who wish to be more active, there is a bicycle route down the length of the valley, mostly on the old road.  If three wheels are safer than two, then at Veggli you can try something different, a tricycle that sits on the rails of the old railway, see the general web site.  


Langedrag -  the FAMOUS Wild life park of Norway


Approximately 25 km away (1/2 hour by car) is the beautiful wild life park Langedrag situated, 1000 m above sea level. Here you will experience wolves, reindeer, elchs and lynxes and many other animals. And an amazing view! No only well worth visiting- it is a must when you are in the neighborhood!

This is what some of our French guests wrote in the guest book summer 2009 about the park (and about our ecological cabin):
"We went to the animal park and it was really interesting to get some explanations aobut the wolves: More than 400 signs are used in the pack to communication. I also loved the goats not being wild at all! I recommend also the ecological house nearby the river - a really great experience...."

The mountain farm Langedrag lies around 1.000 metres above sea level.  The construction of the farm started i 1978 to realise the family Thorson's dream of a sanctuary for animals, birds and people. 
Langedrag lies like a fairy-tale castle in beautiful surroundings, with magnificent views of the lakes and mountains between Hallingdal and Numedal.

Langedrag’s philosophy

With a great deal ofrespect for nature's own selection over millions of years, at Langedrag they have tried to conserve the most natural and primitive breeds of each kind of animal.  Examples of this are the Norwegian fjordponies, the goats, the mouflon sheep, the highland cattle and pigeons.  They all have markings and colours which nature has given them in the competition for survival.
Onthe farm there are about 22 different kinds of animals and birds with around 250 in total.  The number varies with the seasons.  In particular there are large fluctuations in the numbers of pigeons and rabbits because of birds of prey, foxes and stoats.  On the farm, both young and old can wander around and experience the pleasures of petting our numerous domestic animals. Whilst in the nature park, you can encounter rare, wild animals such as wolves, lynx, and polarfox.  Norwegian wild animals live and graze in close proximity to the farm. "Respect for life" is Langedrag’s heart-felt philosophy. The farm is open to the public all year around.  Feeding time for the wolves and lynx is 14.00 Saturday /Sunday and every day during the summer holidays. 
Langedrag waffles with sour-cream and jam, might taste good.  You can buy white and brown homemade goat's cheese from the farm. Home cheese production: The milk from our 50 milking goats is used for our own production of the characteristic Norwegian brown and white goat cheese. 

30 minutes car drive from Sevletunet, at 1000 meters above sea-level, you can meet the native wild life that survives in the winter snow, such as; wolves, lynxes, mooses, reindeers among others, at the mountain farm and nature park, Langedrag. www.langedrag.no. This is not an ordinary nature park, and is a must-experience when in Numedal. 



FLESBERG MUNICIPALITY (north of Kongsberg – south in Numedal valley):

Evju Gård Charming farm shop
Toen Gård Gallery/shop on farm/Serving groups when booked in advance

Vangestad-loftet Medieval store house on pillars
Flesberg stavkirke The stave church of Flesberg

ROLLAG MUNICIPALITY (in the middle of the valley):

Alstadloftet Medieval storehouse on pillars
Rollag stavkirke og bygdetun The stave church of Rollag
Stasjonsfruene Unique restaurant in old railway station (Rollag senter)
Julehuset Shop on farm (many Santa Clauds) and enjoy the animals
VEGGLI (small town in Rollag kommune):
Veggli Vertshus Draisine cycling on old railway track
Kari's Glass og Keramikk Glass and Cheramics Workshop and shop i Veggli

NORE OG UVDAL MUNICIPALITY (the municipality the furthest up north in Numedal):


  • Søre Kravik Gård Medieval farm with medieval store house Silver smieth Anita Eriksen
  • Mellom Kravik Gård Medieval farm with medieval store
  • House
  • Søre Hvaale Gård Stoffstugu - Center for traditional folk costumes
  • Nore Stavkirke The stave church in Nore
  • Nore Gravfelt Grave yard from the Viking period
  • Odmundhuset Gallery
  • Sevletunet (Nedre Sevle Gård) Old farm with storehouse and barn with medieval elements/exciting story/serving when booked in adv.)
  • Kollandsrud Gård Silver smieth Gro Kollandsrud
  • Gvammen stasjon Gallery
  • Søre Skjønne Gård Miedival store house (Norway’s oldest building – from 1160)

The municipality center Rødberg:


  • Langedrag Naturpark Nature park at 1000 m with many wild animals. Riding. Communication with the wolves at 2 o’clock. Their motto: “Listen to the voice of the nature”. Cafeteria.


  • Uvdal Aktivitetsgård Riding
  • Stall Numedal Riding
  • Uvdal Stavkirke og Bygdetun The stave church in Uvdal
  • FjellSmak Production and sale of meat and the speciality salted and dried meat
  • Uvdalsleiven Bakery and sale of local specialities
  • Astridtrollet Souvenir shop on farm
  • Imingen Gård Sale of locally painted wooden things
  • Knut Undebakke Carpenters art



Cafè - small farm - "fjøsnisse" museum - farm shop - furriery 


Welcome to a lovely glass and ceramic studio in downtown Veggli, featuring a new guest artist every other month. 


Visit a medieval building and silver smith. Sheepskin from the farm for sale. 


Local traditional clothing, silver jewelry and accessories. 


Visit a silverworkshop. In walking distance from Sevletunet. 


The "stabbur" (a building used for food storage) located on Sevletunets neighbour farm, is one of Norway's oldest privately owned buildings. 


The farmer's shop sells salt-cured meat, lamb and venison.